How to respond to Birthday Wishes

When it`s our birthday, everyone will wish us happy birthday via the social networking tool known as FACEBOOK. After all these kind wishes, we want to respond and thank all of them. A lot of these thanks can be generic but lets see some clever ways of responding

– it`s your Facebook Birthday (doesn`t have to be your real birthday, logic shows that the same people will wish you Happy Birthday on your actually Birthday, but also on April Fools Day).

How to:
– “Bastard making me feel old, I`ll get you back on your Birthday!!“
– “thanks for the Birthday wishes, where`s my birthday kisses now??“
– “ thanks for wishing me happy birthday again. Keep wishing me happy birthday cause when I become famous, this would be a Holiday for you“
– respond back `happy birthday!`, they`ll reply `it`s not my bday,` This is where you respond `you jelly?`
– `I won`t forget your birthday! even though we haven`t spoken in 4 years and the only times we ever speak is to wish each other happy birthday`

Happy Birthday!!!


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