How to know how many people are looking at your Facebook status

Was at work and thinking about how many people really look at my Facebook statuses on top of those who “like” it or “comment” on it.

– own a blog
– own a Facebook account

How to:
– write a blog post of your choice
– post it on Facebook as your status, or a link to
– if you want, write something extreme such as “can’t believe this..!!!”
– go check the stats of your blog and see how many people clicked on it.

even if they’re not impressed with your status, they clicked on the link, and now you can see how many people are reading it!
I bet all of you are ridiculously unimpressed right now with this deception of a real meaningful and funny blog post. Pwned.

while you’re here, you might as well read the rest of my blog :D.


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